Google Nexus 5 Or Motorola X? Easier Choice Than You Think, Probably

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There are numerous rumours going around about which device might get Key Lime Pie first. Could it be the Motorola X or will it be the Google Nexus 5? Google have tried to reassure smart phone makers since they took over Motorola. They said that other makers stand just as much chance of making a Nexus handset. But could the Motorola X be the Google Nexus 5 and will it have Key Lime Pie?

When it comes to mobile phones its all about innovation. Google have had plenty of time to come up with something since they held their last I/O. There is no doubt that they will want to reveal their new tech on a Nexus device. This could mean that the Motorola X will be the Nexus 5 and it will come with Key Lime Pie installed. It would look great with the new update and the Google services that already exist.

The CEO recently talked about the two companies and the relationship and he said “It’s almost as if [Motorola is] a separate company.” You could interpret this as Google thinking about using other production partners to design the Nexus 5, but it could also mean it’s saying to other partners: “OK, we’re using Motorola for the Nexus 5 and KLP, but don’t be worried about your future chances.”

The LG Nexus 4 was released in November of last year and since then there has been problems with supplies of the device. If Google were to reveal a new Nexus handset in May it could upset some people. On the other hand if they were to reveal a device without the Nexus name but with similarities it could be ok.

Google could play clever if they did this as they could then build up another line of handsets, which could go on to become just as successful as the Nexus range.

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