Motorola X: All The Nexus Strengths, None Of The Weaknesses

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Rumours are floating around about the Motorola X and they have been for some time. The device has purportedly been designed by Google and Motorola; however it is thought that it will not have the Nexus brand name but keep its qualities.

Motorola X rumors: Nexus strengths

This should mean that it would have all of the strengths that the Nexus phones have such as the pure Android build that allows for quick updates and the latest features but with none of the bad associated with the Nexus e.g. branding restrictions, outdated components (Nexus S & Galaxy Nexus were “lesser” Galaxy S & S2 devices) and poor sales distribution channels (restricted to Play Store).

Droid-Life has shared some details about the Motorola X. One of the readers there has a great track record with rumours about Motorola and they have told them about this Nexus like device that isn’t actually a Nexus.

It has been said that the device will come with Key Lime Pie, Android 5.0, but it will also have some of the software of Motorola. If you want to remove this you can after you unlock the bootloader, which is allowed. The device should be available with all carriers in the US on CDMA and GSM and will come with a low price tag of just $299. It will launch in May at Google I/O and subsequently hit stores on 8th July.

Are you hyped?

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