Motorola X & Google Nexus 5 Could Be Same Thing

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The upcoming handset from Motorola has the name of the Motorola X. However word has it that the handset will not have the Nexus name.

The handset is thought to be coming with Key Lime Pie, which should be Android 5. The device could be released with a screen of 5 inches and it may come with a resolution of 440ppi.

Rumour has been going around that the device may be revealed on 15th May and that it could possibly be in the Google Play Store by 15th May. said that the handset have been called the Motorola X Phone and that the device may not have the branding of Motorola and could be a pure Google Android device, despite there being rumours that would indicate the contrary.

The handset may have a display of 5 inches in HD, it could have a camera of 13 megapixels, 2GB of RAM and a quad core processor.

At the moment these are only rumours and nothing has been confirmed. The device will have to compete against the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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