Motorola X & Google Nexus 5: Just Batman & Bruce Wayne?

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The Motorola X will be making its way out soon and there is a rumour going around that the handset will not come with the name of the Nexus, however it would have some characteristics that are the same.

The handset may be the first to come with Android 5, Key Lime Pie. It has been said that it could have 440ppi on a display of 5 inches. There is also the rumour going around that we could see it on 15th May and that it may be sold in the Play Store around June or July. May is when Google will be hosting the I/O and the Plays Store is generally where Nexus handsets are sold. has said that think that the Motorola X and the Google Nexus 5 will be one and the same. They said “the device referred to by the press as the Motorola X Phone may not carry Motorola’s branding after all,” and “might just be the next ‘pure’ Google phone, contrary to initial reports that it wouldn’t be a true Nexus device.”

Rumour has it that the Google Nexus 5 / Motorola X will comes with 2GB of RAM, have a camera of 13 megapixels and run on a quad core process. These are just rumours for now and nothing has been confirmed. When the device comes out it will have to compete alongside the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4.

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