Motorola X First To Key Lime Pie, Not Google Nexus 5?

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Will the Motorola X be the first device to get Key Lime Pie, what about the Google Nexus 5? According to MobileNApps, just days ago sources said that the Google and Motorola X Phone was to be a breakthrough and would become a game changer that would put pressure on Samsung and Apple. Now the rumours are starting to run riot as more sources are saying that the X Phone will be the first in the Android devices to have Key Lime Pie.

There haven’t been a lot of leaks about the upcoming X Phone, however DroidForums said that a reliable source provided new information about the device. As always this does have to be taken along with a pinch of salt.

The source says that the X Phone would have a screen of 5 inches and that this display would be edge to edge, with the handset being almost free of a bezel. This would be similar to the Motorola Razr M with its display that is edge to edge with a small bezel. The source says that the device would look like, along with feeling like, a smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. However the X Phone is said not to be having the branding of the Nexus devices.

It has also been said that the device will be the first device from Motorola to be available on more than one carrier and it won’t be an exclusive as the majority of devices from Motorola have been. It is thought that it will have its own brand name. It has been said that it will be the first handset to offer Key Lime Pie and that Google will reveal it at the I/O on 15th May to 17th. It is also rumoured that Motorola and Google have been hard at work on the UI and that this will be a compliment to the Android experience and that it will enhance it. This is similar to how the Nexus devices are shipped.

As we get closer to the Google event more rumours come out, let’s hope that the device is able to live up to its name and the hype surrounding it.

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