Motorola X Customization Options Only Skin Deep

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One of the rumours going around is about the Motorola X, however it might not exist as we haven’t heard any confirmation. Rumours however say that the handset will come out July.

It has been said that the Motorola X could be limited at launch in July and then it would be revealed globally at Thanksgiving. The Wall Street Journal said that there have been issues with supplying the handset, along with its manufacture.

There are also rumours going around that it could be customisable for consumers. It is thought that the handset would be supplied as a mainframe consisting of display size, casing and processor, with consumers being able to add on some specs and features.

Not it has been changed and it is thought that the interior specs cannot be customised on the device. Consumers will have the choice of materials, along with colour on the casing and perhaps storage choices. Customers may be able to tweak the OS, to add in productivity, media and social networking.

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