Motorola X May Be First Android-Chrome Hybrid Phone

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The smartphone market is full of hustle and bustle and makers of phones need to do something to make themselves stand out. At the moment the market is dominated by Samsung and Apple. But Google recently bought Motorola and the companies are thought to be working on the X phone, which is rumours prove true, could be released with a new OS.

The Motorola X phone was first mentioned in December and it was said that it would stand above the crowd. Now SmartHouse are saying that the CTO of Telstra in Australia has said that the X phone will change the game in the world of phones.

He said that Google was working hard on the software of the handset and that when it was released it would offer a new experience of which has never been seen on a handset.

The device is thought to be coming out at the Google I/O which takes place in May and the features of the handset will not have been seen on any other device on Android. The features and the capabilities of the handset are said not to be on any other device including Samsung and Apple handsets. However it could mean that it is Android 5 Key Lime Pie.

So of course what has been said could just mean that when a new OS comes out there are bound to be features that we haven’t seen before. Google may keep some of these features for themselves for the Motorola X phones. For now speculation about the handset will continue to grow along with rumours.

So do you think that the Google and Motorola device will have something that is unique?

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