Motorola X To Piggyback Nexus 5 With Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie?

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The Motorola X might come with Key Lime Pie all ready to go. Google downplayed its 2011 acquisition of Motorola so that other phone makers didn’t feel they were going to miss out on making the next Nexus. But, could the Motorola X be the next Nexus after all, especially as it’ll probably be first to use KLP? Or do Motorola and Google have another trick up their corporate sleeve?

Mobile tech thrives on innovation, and Google has had lots of time since its last I/O to get inventive. The company will want to display its latest wizardry on a Google Nexus handset – the prospect of a new Android OS alongside Google services on a pure Android handset is very appealing indeed.

The CEO of Google described the relationship between Google and Motorola thus: “It’s almost as if [Motorola is] a separate company.” This may mean that Google is looking for other tech partners for the Nexus 5, but people wanting a Motorola Nexus might choose to see it as Google saying that it’s about to launch Key Lime Pie with the Motorola X, but that Motorola is still just a partner and there’s no need to worry long-term.

The LG Nexus 4 came out last November, but was beset with supply issues. If Google brings out the Nexus 5 in May this year, this might tick a lot of people off, as they haven’t had the Nexus 4 for that long. But, if the Motorola X comes out with all the features of the Nexus phone, but not the branding, no-one can complain.

This would be a very smart move for Google, as they could get on and create the Motorola X series without this affecting the Nexus line. If the X series turns out to do as well as the Nexus series, then the hardware profits are also up for grabs, considering that Google owns Motorola.

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