Motorola X Hustling For Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie As Nexus 5 Watches [RUMORS]

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There are rumours going around that the Motorola X could be released with Key Lime Pie. Google however have tried to play things down since they took over Motorola back in 2011. They wanted to make sure that other phone makers knew that they had as much chance at making a Nexus handset as Motorola did. However this could mean that the Motorola X may be the Google Nexus 5 and it could be the first to have Android 5.0.

Mobile phones are all about innovation and Google should have had time to come up with new tech since their last I/O. Of course they will want to show off with one of their Nexus handsets. You can imagine how well the integration of the new update would look with some of the Google services that already exist. Services would look superb on a design that had pure Android.

The executive of Google was talking about the two companies relationships and said “It’s almost as if [Motorola is] a separate company.” Of course you could take it that Google are talking with other partners when it comes to designing the Google Nexus 5, on the other hand if you want a Motorola Nexus then you look at what he said as being ‘We will launch Android 5.0 with Motorola X, but you have no reason to worry. Motorola is just like you, a partner.’

The LG Nexus 4 was revealed in November of last year and people had problems being able to get their hands on the device. Therefore if Google should reveal a new Nexus 5 in May many people could be upset that it has come so soon. If Google were to release a device that didn’t have the Nexus name but which had some of the benefits of pure Android then fans may not mind.

This could be clever on the part of Google as they may build the Motorola Nexus X series and this would not have any effect on the Nexus brand name. if the Motorola X brand become as successful as the Nexus, they could enjoy a share in hardware profits.

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