Motorola Superbowl Ad Featuring Nude Megan Fox Attracts Controversy

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Megan Fox was in the Super Bowl ad by Motorola in 2010, where it dominated internet searches. However today it isn’t having the same impact on It Girl that it once had. The actress has however made a comeback in the movie from Judd Apatow, entitled This is 40, which shows that Fox is still very hot, the premise of course of the Motorola ad.

Megan Fox Motorola Super Bowl ad back in spotlight

In the spot she talks about her Motorola handset while taking a bath. She mentions the MotoPlayer, this is one feature that allows the user to update all networks at the same time. She then takes the handset and takes a photo of herself in the bath and sends it across all of the networks, which starts mayhem.

Due to the sexy photo, boys were locking themselves in their bathroom, workers had industrial accidents and husbands were slapped for looking.

So do you think that Super Bowl 2013 will bring an ad that was as hot as this one? Sorry we can’t dig up a clip of it yet but we’ll be looking.

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