LG & Motorola Ready Their iPhone 5 “Killers”

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Apple’s new iPhone 5 is now part of last week’s rumors. This week, two big smartphone rivals, LG and Motorola, have unveiled phones that they hope will reduce the ranks of Apple devotees a bit. Good luck with that, guys…

LG Optimus G & Motorola RAZR i to take on iPhone 5

So, LG. It’s new phone, the Optimus G is using Google Android and has a 4.7” screen and a 13MP camera. It’s got a Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon chip and can get onto the fastest networks. It out in South Korea next week, but it’s as yet unclear as to when it’ll get stateside.

Motorola has unveiled its RAZRi in what it calls its “biggest launch since the original RAZR”. The first RAZR was beset by various technical problems, so this news might not endear the RAZRi to customers, but it does feature a powerful 2GHz Intel chip that will give it some serious clout in the marketplace.

The big processor isn’t the only treat. The Motorola RAZRi has a 4.3” Gorilla Glass screen, and Motorola claims it’s completely waterproof. It also has an 8MP camera capable, so we hear, of taking ten pics per second.

Just like the Optimus G, the RAZRi will be selling outside the US first. Apparently it’ll be in the European and Latin American countries in October, and there’s no US launch date as yet. As for the iPhone 5, it will be available in stores on the 21st.

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