Motorola RAZRi: 2GHz Monster Inside Tiny Package

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Motorola had previously announced their Droid Razr HD along with MAXX HD version. They have now added a new device, the Razr i, which comes in two colours and which looks very much like the Droid Razr M but with a little surprise inside its tiny package.

Motorola RAZR i announced with 2GHz Intel chip

The star of this handset is not really the handset itself, but the Intel Atom processor. This makes the device the first to be clocked at 2GHz. Just like the Droid Razr M this device comes with a small display of 4.3 inches that is Super AMOLED and has a battery that is said to be 40% more powerful than any other similar sized device. The back camera is 8 megapixels with HDR capability, an illuminated sensor and which loads in just a second to take up to 10 pictures in.. 60 seconds.

The Vice President of Motorola said that along with Intel they had redefined what people could expect from a smartphone. Web pages load extremely fast and the device is the perfect fit for the hand as the screen is just the right size. The downside is that the device runs on ICS but Android Jelly Bean should come along eventually.

The RAZR i comes with NFC which transfers files very fast through Android Bean and allows users to make payments using their mobile. The smartphone has a Kevlar back that is covered with a coating to protect the handset from water spills.

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