Motorola & Google Prep Galaxy S4 Rival Called ‘X’

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Google and Motorola have purportedly been working on a handset with the name X. According to ArsTechnica, this handset which will rival upcoming flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S4 will differ from others that Motorola develop.

Motorola & Google working on X Phone, to rival flagships like Samsung Galaxy S4

Dennis Woodside, who was the sales executive at Google and now chief executive with Motorola, said that the company had invested in a technology and a team, to do something that was very different. He said that the company would be able to do more now that Google has involvement.

It is thought that Motorola will put refined features into the X Phone. This could include a better camera. They are hoping that they will be able to beef the software up on the new device and they are looking towards the acquisition of Viewdle to give them a helping hand. This is gestures and imaging recognition software. Motorola have been looking into screens that are bendable, along with chassis that are ceramic. This would help to make devices resistant to stress and more durable.

During last quarter, Motorola devices were only accountable for 3% of all Android handsets sold. They have continued to gain market shares, despite the fact of having a relationship with Google, that has been very close, and having an Android handset that comes with near stock Android. Samsung on the other hand have held the top market shares with their Galaxy devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, and are expected to continue on the same next year with their sequels like the rumored Samsung Galaxy S4.

At the moment there is no word on when the Motorola X Phone will be out or whether it will be classed as a Nexus handset.

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