Motorola Nexus 5 As Plausible As “X” Says Google Exec

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Motorola who have recently been acquired by Google are in freefall. However an option could be a tie up with the parent company brand.

The share of Motorola when it comes to smartphones and tablets which run the Android OS continues to plummet, however they are pinning their hopes on what has been dubbed as the X phone. The device will be released this year and it was first mentioned back in December by the Wall Street Journal.

However if this doesn’t work out could the Android unit of Google work with Motorola in the development of a Nexus device which is co-branded?

An Android engineering executive said that anything could happen when he was asked at the MWC in Barcelona.

While we didn’t imply that there was a device already on the roadmap he did say that Android had worked alongside several other phone makers and said “we like to cycle it around.”

However a spokesman for Motorola declined to make any comment.

Up to now Google have brought out four Nexus smartphones, along with two tablets, HTC, LG, Asus and Samsung, were involved in the making of all three of them.

Android has always put a lot of emphasis on their Nexus devices when it comes to selling, at the moment they have three for sale on their website and they are also offered in retail stores.

The devices have been a great help to LG, courtesy of the LG Nexus 4, and Asus with the Nexus 7. They have helped to establish them as being high profile among the makers of Android handsets. However when it comes to sales the Nexus handsets haven’t sold as well as the Samsung Galaxy devices.

However companies have been able to work closely with Android on a new Nexus handset and this can be very beneficial to the selected phone maker as it gives them a greater insight into the software of Android. According to people familiar with the process.

The release of the Motorola Nexus handset could upset some phone makers, after all Google said that they wouldn’t play favourite following the acquisition of Motorola. Motorola however, could use the boost.

In the last quarter of 2012 Motorola managed to take just 1.9% of the smartphone market running Android OS. This was down from the previous 6.2% of the year before, and they sold 2.3 million fewer handsets according to IDC the research firm.

Austek meanwhile got back in the game with market shares when they released the Nexus 7, and sold about 1 million devices per month. This was down to the fact that Google had marketed the tablets with TV commercials along with more ads.

This of course is nothing in comparison to Apple who managed to sell over 10 million Apple iPad mini tablets in the last six weeks of 2012.

A report from the Journal says that Google may be developing plans for physical retail stores where they would sell the Nexus device along with others. However Lockheimer said that the focus was on “coming out with more products people like.”

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