Motorola Moto G7: How Many Can We Expect?

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We know that Motorola will be killing off some of their series but for those that remain, what can we expect to find?

According to Evan Blass, Motorola will be bringing their Motorola Moto G7 in with four variants this time. He revealed that Standard, Play, Plus, and Power will be offered. Besides that, he also suggests that Lenovo will be cutting series like the Moto X, Moto M and Moto X this year.

While it is sad to see some of the series go, it is something the fans were hoping Motorola would do as they think that Motorola has too many to offer and that they are not giving each model enough attention.

The Motorola G7 should be making its debut next year. Some people believe we will see it at CES while others think that MWC will be where Motorola and their G7 will be.

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