Motorola Shows Google’s Is Its Daddy, Jelly Bean For All Android Phones Or $100 Credit

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Motorola along with Verizon have come up with an announcement that you do not want to miss. They say that if your handset is not updated to Jelly Bean that they will give you $100 off a new handset when you choose to upgrade the device.

Motorola Android phones promised Jelly Bean or $100

At the moment the exact details of this offer are not known but the news will be welcomed by those who find they cannot get the update to the latest Android 4.1 OS. Motorola have said that they would start to roll out Jelly Bean to as many handsets as they could. They also said that the majority of phones which were launched by them since 2011 will be able to get the Jelly Bean update. All of their new handsets which were announced today (Motorola DROID RAZR HD, HD MAXX, RAZR M) will either come with Jelly Bean installed or they will be getting the update very shortly.

It seems that there are some perks to being owned by Google after all. The deal is a great one for anyone who finds themselves stuck with an outdated smartphone, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of $100 off the price of one of the latest devices?

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