Motorola Reneges On ICS Update, Starts A Shit Storm

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When consumers bought top end Motorola Android devices like the Photon 4G last October with Gingerbread, they were confident that given that ICS was already announced and their device had a dual-core processor, Motorola would upgrade (keep in mind that Google and Motorola already had a relationship then too). This alliance also brought promises that OS updates would come to all the phones for 18 months following their release.

Motorola reneges on ICS update for Electrify, Photon & Atrix 4G

However now many thousands of other owners with top end Motorola handsets have been let down as the updates never arrived. Last Friday Motorola didn’t make a fuss when they abandoned their pledge for the updates and so killed off any chance of the Photon 4G ever receiving the update. Along with the Photon other devices that will not get the update include the Motorola Electrify and the Atrix 4G, which was a flagship device that came out on AT&T.

It seems that it was a case of joining together and making empty promises to get people to buy handsets and now that has happened, people are left with devices that will not get updated.

This means that anyone who took out a contract of two years with their device will now be stuck with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, until they reach the end of their contract. Motorola had promised owners of the Photon, Electrify and the Atrix, an upgrade to Android 4.0 ICS. This would have brought them numerous new features, along with security updates. Now they are stuck with the old OS that was already one year old when people bought these devices under false pretenses.

Motorola has not said anything about the reason for changing their minds when they had said, not once, but twice, that the updates were coming. The first time was in Q3 of 2012 and the second in Q4. Another question is why would Motorola join with the upgrade alliance, if they will not meet the requirements?

Nevertheless they should expect repercussions and according to CNET, it has started. The tech blog reports that many Motorola Android device users have already complained to the Better Business Bureau about the actions of Motorola last week. Motorola support forums have been flooded with users complaining about the way they were treated and swearing off ever buying a Motorola device again.

In fact, most users are laughing at the $100 credit promise that Motorola made if they were not to upgrade your device to Ice Cream Sandwich. $100 means nothing to someone who would never want to touch a Motorola Android device again.

There is no telling exactly what kind of damage Motorola have done by reneging on their promise with the slightest bit of remorse. We’ll just have to see if buyers will bite the upcoming Motorola DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD when they hit stores.

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