Original Motorola RAZRs Phones Get Jelly Bean Confirmation

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If you are in Europe and you own a Motorola HD device then you will be getting an early Christmas present from Motorola as your device will be getting the latest Jelly Bean update in December.

Motorola RAZR phones getting Jelly Bean update soon

Motorola have said that they will offer the latest Jelly Bean in an update to their EMEA rollout schedule. This was posted towards the end of last week.

They have said that they are working with Google very closely and said that their carriers will be working to bring the best possible experience to devices that are powered by Android. They went on to say that this would include making sure that updates and upgrades are rolled out to ensure devices are enhanced, which would provide an improved experience overall.

The Razr HD is set to get the update before December is over, while other Razr handsets such as the Razr I, one of the first devices in the UK to come with the Intel mobile processor, is set to be updated during the first quarter of 2013.

Interestingly, ZDNET reports that devices such as the original Motorola Razr and Razr Maxx which got ICS in September will be upgraded in certain countries and with certain carriers and at the moment these have not been confirmed and no timing has been announced.

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