Motorola Droid Turbo 2: Could It Get Any Worse?

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It hasn’t been a great start of the year for the Motorola team, as its Droid Turbo 2 have been consistently getting loads of criticisms. Users have even taken their toll to express their dissatisfaction towards their phone on Motorola’s customer forum online. Their biggest complaint to date might just be the sudden appearance of a green line running down their smartphone screens; appearing and disappearing as it is.

User “venoran” voiced out in the forums about his phone having had this issue even after a week’s purchase, and it’s not like he had it dropped or anything prior to the emerging issue. Motorola’s customer service team suggested he might have actually dropped it, causing for the lines to appear, while Verizon emphasized on the phone being shatterproof, and not shock-proof. So, are they saying here that it’s made to be droppable, but cannot withstand the “internal” shock after that? What sense does that make?

But “venoran” wasn’t the only one with the issue. Another user with the name of “JDA9889” also encountered the green lines running across his phone screen, and again, he insisted on never dropping it prior to the lines appearing. We don’t know for sure who’s causing the ruckus up here, but one thing’s for sure: there is something wrong with the phone thus Motorola must do something about it. And maybe get some enhanced customer service training while they’re at it.

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