Motorola DROID RAZR & MAXX Plagued By Several Bugs

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Back in June Verizon began to hand out the updates to ICS to owners of the Droid Razr and Razr Maxx and this is when problems began. Owners started seeing issues with their handsets and now two months after this began, they are still waiting for Verizon to release an update to fix the bugs

Motorola DROID RAZR & MAXX still filled with ICS bugs

Verizon rolled out the update on the last day of their deadline, 30th June but owners found that it was very buggy. Many thought that the update had been rushed to meet the self-imposed deadline but thought that another update to fix the issues would be released soon.

There have been reports of battery draining, email being inaccessible, the user interface being slow, swipes and gestures being slow, rotating screen problems and issues with the web browser. Some of these issues have rendered handsets almost unusable.

Verizon is working on a bug fix, apparently, and it’s likely that it will be released shortly. At the moment they have no plans of updating either the Motorola Droid Razr or the Maxx to Jelly Bean. Rumor has it that the fix will be out in September so fans of the handsets may not have too much longer to wait.

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