Motorola RAZR HD Jelly Bean Update Arrives

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Owners of the Motorola Razr HD who are with Rogers Wireless found out that the update to Android 4.1 will be coming in early February. However if reports turn out to be true then it looks like the update has arrived early.

Motorola RAZR HD Jelly Bean update already rolling out for Rogers?

There has been a tip from a customer at Rogers who confirmed that they have managed to download and install Jelly Bean update OTA. The update was around 308 MB in size.

Along with this it seems that the Motorola Razr HD LTE has joined in the update party as people have said that they have got new firmware too. So it does seem that the update to Jelly Bean is being pushed out in waves.

The roll out of the update has not been confirmed by the carriers and Rogers are still listing the old schedule. So have you received notification on your device?

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