Forget DROID RAZR HD, Motorola Has Something More Edgy

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A source has said that Motorola are working on a new device with a high profile which could blow the Motorola Droid Razr HD out of the water. PocketNow suggests that the handset would be bezel free which means the whole front of the phone would be the display.

Edge-to-edge display Motorola joining DROID RAZR HD soon (report)

An edge to edge design would look very nice and it would be different from all other Android handsets on the market. But one has to ask, isn’t there a reason for having a bezel on the phone?

A picture has been posted of a modified Atrix HD to give you an idea of what a phone without a bezel may look like. Keeping the same aspect ratio the display has been stretched to its full limits which mean that allowances have to be made by moving the camera on the front and the earpiece. One of the biggest problems that Motorola would have is that the displays are quadrilaterals. This means that you cannot just cut off the corners as you would destroy circuitry. A non-rectangular screen may be possible but then this would mean they were very expensive.

So does this mean that if Motorola release a zero bezel device that it would be a squared off handset and will people want to pay out a high price for a device just because it lacks a bezel? Only time will tell, if Motorola releases a phone with a screen that is truly edge to edge. As for its specs, if it can match what the Motorola DROID RAZR HD is currently rumored to bring, then it will certainly steal the show.

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