Verizon Motorola DROID RAZR HD May Have To Bow Out

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Sources reckon that Motorola is working on a new high-profile gadget that may well blow the Droid RAZR HD off the stage. PocketNow says that the handset might have no bezel, meaning the front of the phone will be all display.

Edge-free display Motorola may trump DROID RAZR HD already (rumor)

This may look stunning and make it stand out from all the other Android handsets, but we have to ask: isn’t there a reason for a bezel?

There’s a picture of a modified Atrix HD that gives an idea of a bezel-less phone. To keep the same aspect ratio, the display has been stretched to its absolute limits and so the camera and the earpiece have to be moved. A big problem is that Motorola displays are quadrilateral – you can’t just cut off corners as this would destroy circuitry. Non-rectangular screens are possible, but would be very expensive.

So, if Motorola are making a no-bezel phone, will it be a squared-off handset that people will be willing to pay a premium for? We’ll have to wait and see. Specs-wise, if it can match up to the Droid RAZR HD, then it’ll be a show-stopper and overshadow the RAZR HD.

Motorola edge free display mockup

Motorola edge free display mockup

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