Motorola DROID RAZR Android Jelly Bean Soaked Out

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The Motorola Droid Razr along with the Razr Maxx are to get updated to Jelly Bean. Invites have been sent out to Motorola feedback network members stating that testing of the update will commence soon.

This would be in line with the quarter one schedule of Motorola and would be two months following the Jelly Bean build being accidentally pushed to many handsets. So what can you expect from the update?

Let’s hope that when the test begins everything will go well and the official roll-out to all devices will not be too far away.

At this time both the Motorola DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD are sitting on Android Jelly Bean. And other than Nexus devices, no other smartphone has received an OTA update to the latest Android 4.2.2 update just yet.

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