Is This The Motorola DROID Nexus Superphone? [PICS]

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Two mysterious handsets have shown up on the AnTuTu benchmark that goes by the names of the “Occam” or the “Manta”. The Occam has a processor of 1.5GHz and the Manta a 1.7GHz. The Occam has Jelly Bean pre-installed. Also another mysterious device has been seen in China with the logo of Motorola on the back (pictured below) which is now supposedly the first glimpse of Occam.

Is this the Motorola DROID Nexus?

Photos of the handset from Motorola have been posted online and a user from a forum in China said that Motorola will be announcing the device soon. The photo clearly shows the logo of Motorola on the steel metal back of the device. This makes one think of the V3 and V8 from Motorola which also had the steel back.

The first rumour regarding the mystery device is that it is the Occam device and may be the the Motorola Droid Nexus we’ve been hearing about some time now. Another rumour is that the handset comes with an Intel processor and this would make it the first to have the 1.5GHxz Intel Medfield single core Atom CPU. This is said to be the fastest processor for mobile phones in the world, with speeds to match a computer.

Of course these are only rumours at the moment. However the device is elegant and if the specs are right it could well be the the other Nexus smartphone that’s rumored to join the LG Nexus 4 reports claims GSMInsider.

Motorola DROID Nexus?

Motorola DROID Nexus?

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