Motorola DROID Nexus: Sorry Moto, Google Wanted You Just For Your Patents

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When Motorola were acquired by Google many people thought that there would be a Nexus tablet, phone or other device from the partnership. However up to now this has not been the case, and we may know why.

Why an LG Nexus 4 showed up last week but not the rumored Motorola DROID Nexus

DroidGuy reports that in a recent interview with The New York Times the director of Google business development for Android gave out some information. For the most part Lagerling highlighted the many features of the Nexus devices that they had revealed on Monday (LG Nexus 4 & Samsung Nexus 10) online due to the event being canceled by the hurricane.

When asked about a Motorola DROID Nexus device he gave a good answer. He said that while Motorola belongs to Google, they are both working independently as partners. This means that they have a wall between Motorola and the team of Android at Google. Therefore if Motorola are to make a Nexus handset they will have to put in a bid just like all other manufacturers. Google would then take that bid into account.

So why did they acquire Motorola in the first place? The answer to this lies with the patents of Motorola, which Google wanted to get their hands on. The acquisition took place as there had been lawsuits regarding patents and they wanted to avoid any issues and companies who use Android on their handsets have to pay money to companies who hold the patents. This means that the end user has to pay a fortune. Therefore in order for Google not to have to go through this, they bought Motorola and all the patents they hold, which means that Google can charge less for them.

During the Q3 earnings report of Google, employees at Google said that a device with the Nexus name on it from Motorola would not be seen until 2013 and even then there is nothing certain about this happening.

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