Motorola DROID Nexus: Talk About “Brandception!”

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There are rumours going around that the next Nexus will come by way of either the LG Optimus Nexus or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, perhaps we will even see both. However fans of Motorola have been hoping that the new Nexus will come from Motorola and this may still be possible.

Motorola DROID Nexus still possible

The senior vice president of Product Management for Motorola told CNET that they had yet to send out a handset that had the Nexus name. This suggests that they want to be considered. Previous Nexus handsets came from Samsung and HTC. Motorola do want to offer a Nexus device or something very similar, however they, like other companies before them, have to pitch their device. He went on to say that they would be considered when Google releases a new Nexus handset.

There was a rumour going around that there would be a Motorola DROID Nexus coming out along with the fact that Google would be releasing five Nexus handsets, which would come from various manufacturers. Two handsets that could become Nexus devices are the LG Optimus G and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2. However these are just rumours.

It is possible that we will not have long to wait until we find out about the new Nexus device as it is thought that this will be revealed within 30 days, more than likely at the All Things D: Dive into Mobile event on the 29th.  This event launched the Motorola Xoom and Android 3.0 in 2010. The chief of Google will lead the stage at the event. There is also a rumour going around that there will be a Nexus 7 32GB unveiled too, along with one that has cellular connectivity.

So what do you think of a Motorola Android carrying both the DROID and Nexus branding? Do you think Motorola should be given a shot this time around?

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