Motorola Droid 2: Green Line Problems Rampant

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More and more Motorola Droid 2 users are reporting that they have encountered a big issue with their device’s display. The users revealed that a green vertical line suddenly appeared on their Droid 2’s display and it is not going away despite having restarted the phone.

What makes it annoying is that the green line appears and disappears at random, making it annoying for the Droid 2 users. Motorola service assistants suggested that it is the users’ fault for not taking good care of the Droid 2 but after considering the number of people affected by it, we don’t think that it is the users’ fault.

One tech expert believe that the vertical green line is nothing more than a glitch on the Droid 2 since it can appear and disappear. Unfortunately, we cannot know for sure unless Motorola truly investigate into the matter and come up with an explanation.

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