State Of Android: Motorola What Are You Doing? Moto, Stahp!

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No one really knows why Motorola have refused to give the Atrix 4G an update. Of course the standard answer was due to technical difficulties. However the XDA community have proven this to be wrong 95% of the time. While we expected things to change when they were bought over by Google, it appears that the changes have been done to Google, and not in a good way based on the chart at the bottom.

Motorola scars both Android fans and Google

Now Motorola did promise users of the Atrix 4G that they would get ICS and even worse Motorola kept reassuring owners time and time again. This fact alone was the deciding point for some consumers on which device they went out and bought. Therefore these people went out and bought the device based on the fact that they thought they would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, and they didn’t and they are not going to get it. Therefore it was waste of their money. Motorola have said that they will give a $100 rebate towards the cost of a new handset, but then will customers want to risk another handset from Motorola again? Motorola have brought a whole lot of bad publicity on themselves.

Everyone can understand that they want to focus on devices of the future and there is nothing wrong with that. In time people may forgive them for lying about updates on the Atrix 4G. However Motorola have ruined things altogether as they locked the devices Bootloader. This is another blow to those left holding the Atrix 4G. Consumers have been left outraged after being lied to and all Motorola can say is that it is for the best for everyone, and they can’t update every handset.

There has been a large outcry for the update for the Atrix 4G and with the company having been taken over by Google, it is very surprising that there has not been an official response. Perhaps Motorola thinks they can buy consumers off with the $100 rebate? Do they really believe that after they convinced people to hand over money for a device that they promised to update to ICS, this is going to get people with the Atrix 4G rushing out to get a new Motorola device? Probably more people will want to steer well clear of Motorola than there are those who will take them up on their offer.

Simultaneously it hasn’t been good for Google either after information leaked on just how of a toll Google’s earnings took in their acquisition of Motorola:

Google stock prices take a dip

Google stock prices take a dip

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