Moto Z4 Force Won’t Shatter But Still Needs Protection

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JerryRigEverything on YouTube put the Moto Z4 to the test to see how durable the device really is and you might be surprised by some of the test results.

We know that the Moto Z4 comes with a shatterproof display. Unlike most of the display out there, their display is made from plastic so it won’t shatter like the other display but according to the test, it will still need protection because it scratches easily.

Using the pick scale, the Moto Z2 Force plastic display started getting scratches at level three. This is pretty weak since most of the smartphones out there can go up to level six. In the test, we can see that even our nails are strong enough to scratch the display.

Other parts that scratch easily includes the fingerprint scanner and the front facing camera as well since it uses the same plastic as the display. You can check out the full test here.

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