Moto Z Play: Battery Lasts 8 Hours – For $450!

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When buying a smartphone one of the first things that you look for is one that offers superb battery life. The Moto Z Play has been launched and for the cost of just under $450 you can get an amazing 8 hours from it.

One owner of the Moto Z Play took to the forum on Reddit to talk about the insane battery life offered by the handset. He said that he had owned the OnePlus One and it came with the same 3500mAh battery as the Z, but on the OnePlus it lasted just about one day if he was lucky.

However the battery of the Moto Z Play lasted for 24 hours and he said that he got an hour of voice calls, 8 hours of SoT and almost constant use of apps on LTE when out and about. The best thing was that he still had 30% battery life left after the 24 hours.

The Moto Z Play is available unlocked and it is offers a display of 5 inches 1080p and runs on the Snapdragon 625 SoC and comes with support for Moto Mods. You can pick it up at Amazon and Best Buy for $449.99 and it may be the perfect phone for you if you don’t want to worry about the battery dying on you while you are out and about all day long.