Moto X 2016: This Is Where The Black Bar of The HTC Went

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The 2014 Moto X arrived with some superb looks to it but it has been said that the same isn’t going to be said about the Moto X 2016 version. We say this as we have found where the black bar of the HTC went, on the Moto X.

The Moto X 2016 offers a home button that doubles as the fingerprint scanner and this doesn’t offer the best looks. Some people have said that it is like the old type touchpad that is seen on the Blackberry handsets. While the touchpad may have worked great for owners of Blackberry devices it doesn’t look good on the Moto X as it detracts from the premium look of the device.

It might have looked better if Motorola had given some thought to putting the fingerprint scanner on the big black bar.

While the Moto X 2016 does offer the black bar that looks ugly the handset may be a good one.

But does it offer looks that entice you to buy the Moto X 2016 or will you be giving it a miss?