Moto G & E Discontinued, No Sequels Either

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The Moto G and E are some of the best-selling Android phones for the brand. However it appears that the phone isn’t it the future of Lenovo, who are in control of the future of Motorola devices.

DT reports that Lenovo has confirmed that the Motorola G and E will be discontinued:

Xudong also confirmed that the Moto G and Moto E are dead, revealing that the mid-range and budget smartphones will be merged with Lenovo’s lineup. All of Motorola’s future phones will have displays over 5-inches as well, with Xudong saying that smaller displays are not popular outside of Europe.

So while the Moto G and E are gone, we also now know that there won’t be any successors to the Android smartphone coming in the future as well as it is the end of smaller screen devices like it. This is quite sad as the Moto G is a big seller and we would hate to see it go.

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