Moto 360 Sport: It’s The Perfect Time

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Smartwatches are not having the best time of their lives right now but if you are insistent on buying one then you might want to check out Amazon and the Moto 360 Sport and this is the perfect time to do so.

The Moto 360 Sport has been around for some time and while it doesn’t offer up the newest technology, this is a superb device. Amazon has the device on offer for just $103.99, which means that you save 35% off the original price tag.

This is the Moto 360 Sport that comes with the white strap. If you want to get the smartwatch with the black strap then you will have to pay out $174 and the watch with the red strap will set you back $129.

The downside to the deal on the Moto 360 Sport is that it is an old model now and this means that it isn’t going to be getting any big upgrades to the software. This doesn’t stop you from enjoying receiving notifications, checking the weather forecast and much more of course.

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