Monster Hunter World To Finally Get A Taste Of Final Fantasy.

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It was revealed earlier this year that the game Monster Hunter World was going to get the Behemoth from Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy will also get Rathalos from Monster Hunter.

Well, the wait is over for the Monster Hunter World players as the new update which has been released will come with the huge monster from Final Fantasy called Behemoth. According to Capcom, taking down Behemoth is not going to be easy they players will need to employ MMO-style strategies and designate tank, support and attacker if they really want to take it down fast.

Not only is Behemoth huge but it also has some unique ability like Enmity where it will lock on to one target and only attack that target. There is also Ecliptic Meteor which will cause players to faint if struck by it.

The game will also be getting some new weapons and gear inspired by the Dragoon class from FF15. Final Fantasy XIV will be getting their own update on the 7th of August.