Modern Warfare Remastered: We Could See Standalone Forced Thanks To Poll

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has been one of the best-selling games but research seems to suggest that its success is down to Modern Warfare Remastered.

A recent study showed that there are more Modern Warfare Remastered active players than there are Infinite Warfare. This leads us to believe that many gamers who bought the game did so to get the remake of the Modern Warfare trilogy.

The bad thing was that you could only get Modern Warfare Remastered when you purchased it with Infinite Warfare, which stopped the remake from getting its own sales. Now gamers have made it quite clear in a survey that the Modern Warfare Series is the best series in the Call of Duty Series.

Now it is possible that Activision could take this news in and then release Modern Warfare Remastered as a standalone title. This would allow them to get as much cash as they possibly could from the game.

Infinite Warfare popularity has been declining and if the two games are sold separately the developer could end up making more money from the old trilogy.

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