Modern Warfare Remastered Isn’t Worth Your Hard Earned Cash

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Many fans of the Modern Warfare trilogy have been disappointed that Activision isn’t going to sell the first person shooter as a standalone game. If you don’t know already, you have to buy Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare if you want to get Modern Warfare Remastered.

Many people don’t want to have to do this as they just want to play the old trilogy on the new consoles. One person that did buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered along with Infinite Warfare has said that its not worth your hard earned cash.

It seems that Modern Warfare Remastered isn’t worth the effort as it has been said to be a complete disaster since the first day that it arrived on the market. Activision made a big mistake in stopping gamers from purchasing Modern Warfare Remastered without having to buy Infinite Warfare.

It has been said that the game is too laggy to play and the server hasn’t been set up well and this spoils the experience of the gamer. Modern Warfare Remastered isn’t a complete package and several features of it are missing from the original trilogy.

One of the biggest issues with Modern Warfare Remastered is the amount of people who cheat at the game. If you play it on the PC you will see that many players have multiple VAC ban. So you might not want to worry about the game as it really isn’t worth your money.

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