Modern Warfare 4 Revealed By ‘Captain Price’

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If you are a fan of the Modern Warfare games then you will be delighted to know that it looks as though we will be getting a Modern Warfare 4 soon.

Bill Murray hints Modern Warfare 4 in the works

The reactions to MW3 were somewhat mixed, with some gamers left wondering if the series was moving towards a different direction once Black Ops 2 was finished. However it seems that Infinity Ward will again be the star of the series in the 4th edition.

In the past, Modern Warfare has been associated with many well-known actors’ voices. One of the most recognisable was the voice of Bill Murray who was behind the character Captain Price. He has told a fan that Modern Warfare 4 is under way by Infinity Ward and that he is to have a meeting with Activision on 5th November, along with the developer, to talk about his voice parts in the new game.

Product-Reviews points out that Bill Murray was said to have let this information slip out when talking to a fan, who is the editor of the website This Is Xbox. Infinity Ward on the other hand is doing its best to put some distance between them and the tale told by Murray.

Of course this may be just to cover up the leaked news. It could be that they want to deny knowledge of the game until the very last minute, as did Rockstar, so as to build up anticipation for it.

It could also be due to the fact that people have just played Modern Warfare 3 and it wasn’t very positive reviews that they got from it, so Activision may be wondering whether to bring out MW4 right now.

One thing is for sure and that is that die-hard fans of Modern Warfare will head out to the shops to get their copy the first chance they get. So instead of trying to dampen things down and deny it, Activision may as well just come out and embrace the buzz the Modern Warfare 4 leak has caused.

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