Modern Warfare 2 Can’t Come Close To Final Fantasy XIV

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Both Modern Warfare 2 and Final Fantasy XIV got a lot of attention when they have first released years ago. Both games had a lot of issues the moment it was released but it looks like Final Fantasy XIV came out on top in the end.

We are not talking about the number of units sold or the number of players they have but we are talking about the post-launch support. Even though the start was rough for Final Fantasy XIV, the developers did not give up on the game and continue to release patch after patch to make sure it becomes the game that their fans wanted to play.

The company also came out to apologize for the mistake made in the game. Once most of the issues were fixed, the developers did not stop, in fact, they adding a few free story updates.

The same cannot be said about Modern Warfare 2. According to the fans, they only had one real patch after the game was launched that the patch only fixes a small part of the game. They followed that up with a few updates that the fans did not want.

What other games do you think has the worst post-launch support?

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