Mod For Fallout 4 Elevates Settlements

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Fallout 4 has reached the age of 18 months but the game still remains as popular as ever. This has been due to the fact that Bethesda and the modding community have been keeping the game fresh.

Thanks to a mod for Fallout 4 settlements have been elevated even more as gamers can now share settlement blueprints in the community. The settlement feature is an add-on that is very interesting and along with the toolkit it has managed to grow in both scope and power. This is thanks to the official DLC from Bethesda and the unofficial mods from gamers.

With the settlement creations tools gamers playing Fallout 4 can make anything from multi-storey apartments to Bioshock themed settlements. Before this the only way that gamers could share their creations was in gameplay stream or screen shot. The mod really does make things a lot easier.

The mod is called Transfer Settlements and it allows gamers to export creations and then offer them as blueprints to other gamers playing Fallout 4.

Have you tried the mod for Fallout 4 and if so what do you think of it?

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