MLP: Fighting Is Magic team given ultimatum

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We are fans of irony and fighting games and so were interested in Fighting is Magic and wanted to play it when it was finished. However it seems that Hasbro have not seen the fun in ponies brohoofing each other. Of course you can see where they are coming from when you bear in mind how the game contradicts the message of the show. However they are pulling the plug on a game that people spent almost two years making, which is very unfortunate.

However you have to give Lauren Faust a hand for volunteering time to help in the development of the game engine. If Mane6 were to take here up on the offer she made then we could see something positive come from this.

Lauren Faust was the producer of the show and she posted through Twitter asking if the team wanted some original characters that were not ponies to make a game with. However the developers have not yet responded.

If you are a brony then you will have heard about the fan fighting game that is long awaited, Fighting is Magic, however in the most recent post of theirs on the developers teams site there has been an update that is not good news.

It said that they had got a letter from the legal representatives of Hasbro telling them to cease development of the game and also remove anything associated with My Little Pony characters, names and locations from the sites which they control. These include Youtube and Twitch. They were also to stop use of the My Little Pony property.

Of course all of the options were considered and they consulted with lawyers, along with resources almost being exhausted.

They said that they had tried to negotiate with Hasbro, however at the moment they have not been given answer as to whether they could use the property in the voluntary project. As such they have to comply with the letter. So is seems that this is sad news.

I for one have been following the project and the people have put a lot of effort into it. They have been slaving away at the computers and having it all taken from them has to hurt.

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