Mitsubishi MI-TECH Concept Heads To Tokyo With Not One But Four Motors

Mitsubishi will be at the Tokyo Motor Show where they will be showing off their new concept car. To get us all excited, they have already released a new teaser image of the concept.

Called the MI-TECH Concept car, the vehicle looks to be a short wheelbase convertible SUV that is only a two-seater which means this is far from being an actual production model but it could be something that a future production model would be inspired by.

According to Mitsubishi, the vehicle will be fitted with four electric motors, two at each axle with a turbine engine generator which is unique since most cars use a traditional gasoline engine generator. The automaker also highlighted the fact that the system will be compact with the whole plug-in hybrid electric being back to fit into a small SUV.

The vehicle will also come with a long list of new tech and features that we should be learning more about at the Tokyo Motor Show.