Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Update: Finally Some Good News

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Those who purchased the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition could have to wait a while longer for the next update as what the developers have in mind could be the icing on the cake.

Minecraft Xbox 360 edition update details

The last patch for the game was revealed one year ago and it came with bugs that developers have had to fix. This was the Tittle update 8 TU8 of 1.8.2. What is interesting is that all updates have been named Titled updates and Microsoft chose to give them a number.

So have you been wondering why they keep handing out the title updates?

Well here are some features that are said to be confirmed for TU8, with fixes expected to be announced later in the week (via S&R).

A fix to stop the hosts Xbox live status going away and not auto saving.
A fix for the issue where people cannot shoot arrows following their building rights being taken from them.
A fix for the Minecraft XBLA which means the others playing the game cannot see the glow that should be on your enhanced equipment.
A fix so that the mooshrooms will be able to spawn more frequently in TU8.

Updates in the future have been mentioned and this makes for news that is interesting. The End may come on the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, but gamers will have to wait until after the TU9 update. This will follow the TU8 update to the public.

If you are wondering when the TU8 update will come, 4J studios said that it will not be too far away and they will be announcing the fixes later this week. You can get more information on the Twitter account of the developer.

So it is looking as though there won’t be any delays and players on the Xbox 360 of Minecraft should get the TU8 fix towards the end of the month says S&R.

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