Minecraft (Xbox 360 Edition): What’s The Current Word?

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If you bought the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition you may have some time to wait until the next update comes arounddue to what developers have in mind for it, which may be the icing on the cake.

Minecraft Xbox 360 edition: current status

The last patch to be launched for the game was 1 year ago and owners will know that it came with some bugs, which developers had to set about fixing. This happened to be in the form of Title update 8, TU8 of 1.8.2. One thing that is interesting is the fact that all of the updates come with the name of “Titled updates” followed by a number.

So what do we know about the features making their way to TU8, along with fixes that should be revealed later this week?

It is thought that there will be a fix which will stop the hosts Xbox status disappearing and then not auto saving. There should also be a fix for the problem relating to people not being able to shoot arrows when the building rights are taken away. There may also be a fix for Minecraft XBLA, with other players not being able to see the glow on your enhanced equipment. There will also be a remedy which will allow mooshrooms to spawn far more frequently in TU8.

There has been some updates coming in the future mentioned and it all makes for some interesting news. The End may arrive on the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, however gamers have to wait until the TU9 update has been released. This should come after the update to TU8.

This should come out soon and 4JStudios have said that this should not be too far away now and fixes will be announced later on this week. You should check their Twitter account for more information.

This means that we shouldn’t see any delays and those playing the game on the Xbox 360 should get the update to TU8 by the end of this month.

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