Minecraft Takes You Under The Sea

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In the past, there is really nothing below the watery blocks except for a few scattered temples but that will change with the addition of the new Aquatic expansion.

With the expansion, players will get to see dolphins, new fishes, corals, kelp, treasure and more. In fact, the sea even coordinates with nine different biomas now. The new expansion will be released on all platform right now including Gear VR, and Oculus Rift for free. This is just the first phase of a two-part update, we do not know when the second phase will be released but we don’t think the wait will be long.

For now, the PC and Xbox One version have been released while PS4 and Switch players are still waiting for Mojang to release their expansion. To learn more about what the new Aquatic expansion will add to the game, you can click on the link here to read the whole announcement post.

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