Minecraft PS4 Will Finally Join Xbox One, Switch & More

While cross-play is not something new for Minecraft, it was never a feature that was offered to the PS4 Minecraft players but the latest update will finally allow PS4 players to play Minecraft with their friends no matter which platform they use.

The bedrock edition update will give the PS4 version all the updates that the PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Gear VR, iOS and Android versions already have. The update will also allow players to carry over purchases and progress between platforms from their Microsoft account.

Players can also gain access to the Minecraft Marketplace mod hub. Sony was a bit reluctant about the whole cross-play movement but they have since made some progress and has been allowing some games to have the cross-play features.

Microsoft will continue to push out new Minecraft game in the future. Fans can look forward to seeing the Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons soon.