Minecraft Dungeons Was Suppose To Look Like Zelda But…

Minecraft Dungeons will be arriving in a few week’s time and in the game’s director’s latest review, it was reported that the game was supposed to have a completely different gameplay style.

Mans Olson added that the game that had envisioned was supposed to be like a Zelda game but as they continue to work on the game, things changed and the final game moved so far away from Zelda game that it was now closer to a Diablo-like game.

He added that a lot of things that were designed on paper did not make it to the end game. When first announced, Minecraft Dungeons was supposed to be released in April but due to the pandemic, the game was pushed back but luckily for only a month.

Minecraft Dungeons will officially be released on the 26th of May on Xbox One, PC, Switch, and PS4.