Minecraft 2 Not Happening Despite Popularity

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Despite being around for so many years, the game Minecraft is still so popular but it looks like Microsoft has no plans to offer the fans a new Minecraft game.

According to Microsoft, making a new Minecraft does not make sense for them as they think it will only fracture the community. The game currently has about 91million monthly active players. If Microsoft releases a Minecraft 2, some players might move over to the new Minecraft game but there will be others that will remain with the original game.

They added that they want to keep their community together and that there is more than one way to make the game more meaningful instead of just releasing a new game. Microsoft has been doing a great job at ensuring that there is always new content for the game.

They have also tried to expand the franchise with the latest being the Minecraft Dungeons which will be arriving for PC next year.

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