Minecraft 1.9 Update Release Date: Finally, Something Concrete!

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Gamers playing Minecraft will agree that there are some issues with the game that annoy you more than others do. But which of the issues and bugs are the most annoying to you? However Minecraft 1.9 update is coming our way and with it, it brings something more concrete and fixes to bugs.

There are many changes with the Minecraft 1.9 update that are notable and they include the following.

• There will be better riding mechanics in regards to horses, boats and minecarts
• If you don’t choose a custom texture the default cape texture is the elytra texture
• Sounds have been improved
• Some of the sounds in the game are different
• The majority of sounds remain the same as before
• The majority of entities have been made smoother
• The villagers no longer poke fun out of the player if there isn’t anyone around.

Many bugs have been fixed in the Minecraft 1.9 update and these are as follows:

• Bug MC-1058 – There were some entities that could not be seen when they were on the edge of the screen
• Bug MC-90245 – Skeletons would walk off the edge of a cliff
• Bug MC-90605 – There was constant teleporting between Overworld and Nether
• Bug MC-91803 – The title didn’t play the background music or cave sounds automatically
• Bug MC-92289 – Extras strongholds were not spawning in a position in Mojang wasn’t there.
• Bug MC-94209 – There was a typo in the sound event name “subtitles.enity.generic.explode”
• Bug MC-95416 – Items were duplicated when playing multiplayer.

You can get snapshots by opening your launcher and then hitting the New Profile button and name it Snapshots and put a check mark in the box that says “Enable experimental development snapshots” then save it. You should then go back to the normal version and choose it from the box that drops down, which is in the left corner at the bottom of the launcher. Make sure that you back up the world.
Bear in mind that snapshots may corrupt your world so always make sure that you have them backed up or that you are running them from a different folder to the one your main worlds are in.