Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Will Have You Fighting Each Other

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As promised, the Middle Earth: Shadow of War game will come with a multiplayer mode. While this won’t be like the good old days where you get to slash down enemies with your friends, you still get to have some fun with some real human in the new online mode.

According to Eurogamer, the new multiplayer online mode will be called the Social Conquest model. Players can take control of a fortress, customize it to their heart’s content, select their commanders and captain from your army and upgrade it. Once they are happy with the defence of their fortress, players can upload it online so that other players can try to take it down.

Players can choose to play on two modes, friendly conquest or ranked. In friendly, players will keep their followers after combat but in ranked, the player could lose their followers permanently but if they succeed, they get to climb up the leaderboard. Winners will also get a loot chest and spoils of war.

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